The German Soca Ambassadors.

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"Juggle ina East 2017" feat. Herbalize It (NL), Jugglerz, Supersonic, City Lock...

BERLIN @ Haus Ungarn

"Carnival Jump Up - Soca Twins 15th B-Day" feat. Shurwayne Winchester & Ravi B live! (Trinidad), Hype Mas (UK), DJ Jamzy (UK)...

BERLIN @ Weekend

"Up 2017 - The Berlin Carnival Rooftop Party" feat. DJ Markee (UK), Shep Beats (UK), D-One (NL)


"Carnival Explosion Truck @ Karneval der Kulturen" feat. Barney Millah...


"Carnival Explosion Truck @ Carnival der Kulturen" feat. Team Thunda...


"Bielefeld Carnival After Party" feat. tba

"The spectacular Soca Twins from Germany."


Hi, we're Soca Twins.

The Soca Twins from Berlin are Germany's leading Soca DJs and "one of the world's best soundsystems" ( when it comes to Soca music. This hard-earned status has been confirmed in spectacular fashion by Franky Fyah (DJ), the Soca mastermind who founded Soca Twins in 2002 and Boone Chatta (MC), whose antics on the mic have been revving up audiences since 2005.

Even in the homeland of Soca music, Trinidad & Tobago, and throughout the Caribbean, Soca Twins have become famous within the last decade. They performed at countless international fetes and festivals with thousands of spectators, played on a variety of Carnival trucks and radio stations and even engaged in TV interviews. They also displayed their artform at live shows in the USA, Canada, Trinidad, Barbados, Bermuda, UK, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Slovakia, Belgium, the Netherlands and all across Germany. In addition, their DJ mixes have attained "cult status all over the world" (Riddim Magazine).

At their live shows, Soca Twins have supported some of the biggest artists of the Soca scene such as Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin, Destra, Fay Ann Lyons, Shurwayne Winchester, Rupee, Alison Hinds, Benjai, Farmer Nappy, Skinny Fabulous, Peter Ram and Lil' Rick as well as famous Reggae and Dancehall acts Jimmy Cliff, Serani, Mr. Vegas, Mavado, Junior Kelly, Baby Cham, Mad Cobra, Bitty McLean and many more.

After being nominated at the "International Soca Awards" seven times in a row, Soca Twins have won the prestigious award 'International Soca DJ of the Year' in 2011. In 2008, their DJ mix "Addicted 2 Soca" had already won the award for 'Best Soca DJ Mix'. Soca Twins remain the first European Soca DJs to gain worldwide reputation in the industry and Soca lovers all over the world know about Soca Twins – The German Soca Ambassadors.

Yet, one unsolved mystery remains: Are they really twins? – Nobody knows...


Awards & Achievements

•  International Soca Award Nominee "International Soca DJ of the Year" (Trinidad, 2006-2012)

•  International Soca Award Winner "International Soca DJ of the Year" (Trinidad, 2011)

•  International Soca Award Winner "Best Soca DJ Mix" (Trinidad, 2011)

•  Help Music Award Nominee (Germany, 2011)

•  "Soca vs. Reggae" Clash Winner (Bermuda, 2009)

•  First German Soundsystem to play at London Carnival (UK, 2008)

•  "Soca vs. Reggae" Clash Winner (Bermuda, 2008)

•  "Soca Warriors Tour" at FIFA World Cup (Germany, 2006)

•  First German Soundsystem to play at Trinidad Carnival (Trinidad, 2006)

•  Release of the first German Soca Song "Aus Berlin" (Germany, 2003)

•  First "100% Soca" Party in Germany (Germany, 2002)

•  Foundation of Soca Twins, the first German Soca Soundsystem (Germany, 2002)


Franky Fyah
Franky Fyah

DJ of Soca Twins

The mix mastermind with certified party animal DNA. Knows Trinidad and Soca like the back of his hand.

Boone Chatta
Boone Chatta

MC of Soca Twins

Born to be on stage. Redefining elemental force on the mic. Speaks Jamaican and Trini slang while asleep.

"The topic Soca in Germany is inevitably connected with Soca Twins."


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"One of the world's best Soca Sounds."


"International Soca DJ of the Year 2011"


What the press says about Soca Twins.

"When you talk about Soca in Europe, you have to talk about Boone Chatta and Franky Fyah. Since 2002, the Berliners are representing caribbean carnival music across the world together."
Riddim Magazine, Germany (2017)

"The big bad Soca Twins from Berlin."
UK Soca Scene, UK (2015)

"Europe's best Soca Soundsystem."
Trinidad & Tobago Guardian, Trinidad (2014)

"Europe's leading Soca Sound."
WDR Funkhaus Europa, Germany (2011)

"Franky Fyah and Boone Chatta have Soca in their blood like no other soundsystem in Europe.", Germany (2011)

"Soca was off the radar in Germany. With hard work and vibes to spare two young men from Berlin have begun to change all that."
Large Up Magazine, USA (2010)

"Soca Twins had the crowd eating out of their hands."
The Royal Gazette, Bermuda (2010)

"The spectacular Soca Twins from Germany."
The Royal Gazette, Bermuda (2010)

"Soca Twins, where do you get that energy from?"
Sir David Rodigan, UK (2010) during a live show with Soca Twins

"Their mixes of the hottest tunes for the season have received international recognition."
Ezone Magazine, Trinidad (2009)

"Their mixes have become classics and succeeded to gain cult status all over the world."
Riddim Magazine, Germany (2008)

"The topic Soca in Germany is inevitably connected with Soca Twins. They are the driving force of the scene and where ever they appear, the speed limit is exceeded fete after fete."
Riddim Magazine, Germany (2007)

"One of the world's best Soca Sounds.", USA (2006)

"Europe's best Soca Soundsystem."


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Soca Twins, Driesener Str. 13, 10439 Berlin, Germany

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